Flexure Testing Machine

Flexure Testing Machine


Capacity 10 Ton

Flexure Testing Machine IS - 516, BS 1881, ASTM C78 Flexural tests of concrete beam have their own importance in concrete Road Constructions as well as Buildings Constructions. Normally concrete beams of sizes 10cm x 10cm x 50cm or 15cm x 15cm x 70cm are tested for flexural strength. Specifications: The unit include a hand operated load frame. The lower platen has two rollers, the distance between which is adjustable. For 150mm x 150mm x 170mm beam, the centre to centre distance between the rollers is 600mm while it is 400mm for beams of size 100mm x 100mm x 500mm. The upper platen has also a pair of rollers whose distance is adjustable. It is 200mm centre to centre, for 150mm x 150mm x 700mm size beam and 133mm for 100mm x 100mm x 500mm size beam. A pressure gauge to indicate load is fixed on the load frame. A small pumping unit is attached to the load frame. Total capacity of the machine is 100KN and a 150mm dia pressure gauge 100KN x 1KN is fitted on the machine. Since this is a hand operated light weight machine, it is useful for field laboratory purposes also.

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